Major road construction tender imminent

In May 2008, the ministry of transport is planning to award a tender for the licensed construction of a part of the Moscow-St. Petersburg highway and the Odintsovo bypass road. The tender will be announced soon and preliminary results will be known by the end of 2007.
The 43 km section (from the 15th to 58th km of the planned road) of the Moscow-St. Petersburg highway is planned for completion by 2010. The project will cost RUB 38-54bn (€1.1-1.5bn).
The road bypassing Odintsovo should be completed one year earlier and requires investment of about RUB 14-17bn (€400-490m), of which RUB 8.3bn will come from the investment fund.
A tender for the construction of a 612 km section (from the 58th to 670th km) of the Moscow-St. Petersburg highway is to be announced also in May 2008, during the Transport of Russia forum in Sochi.