Ministry defines conditions to join Bridges for Regions scheme

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Development has presented the conditions which the local authorities must meet to participate in the Bridges for Regions scheme. The call for applications is due to start on 16 August 2018 and end on 29 March 2019. All interested local authorities are allowed to take part in the scheme, except for cities with county rights. The projects in question can obtain additional funding amounting to up to 80% of project value.

A bridge construction project must begin within three years from the date the building permit or a roadwork project permit was issued. The documents to be drawn up with the funds must be prepared by 31 December 2022. Document preparation may not be financed with EU funds, Norwegian funds or funds provided by the state budget.

The Bridges for Regions scheme is due to expire by 2025. The government has earmarked around PLN 2.3bn (€0.54bn) for scheme implementation. The Ministry has issued recommendation for 21 investment projects, including five bridges over the Vistula River, five bridges over the Warta River, four bridges on the Oder River, two bridges over the Bug River and one bridge over each of the Narew, San, Notec, Pilica and Elblag rivers.