Increase in the value of expressway construction contracts awarded in H1 2018

Marek Chronowski, Junior Construction Analyst, PMR

The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) signed 14 design and build contracts for the construction of 196.3 km of new expressways. The contracts are valued at PLN 4.5bn (€1.05bn), excl. VAT. This means that the average construction cost of the S-class road, as per a contract signed in H1 2018, will be around PLN 23m (€5.4m) per km. For comparison, PLN 4.1bn (€0.96bn) worth of contracts for the construction of 227.5 km of new expressways (including the addition of 14.4 km second carriageways to existing roads) were concluded in 2017 as a…

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