Recommended route of Baltic Pipe approved by Gaz-System

A route of Baltic Pipe recommended by Ramboll has been approved by Gaz-System, the operator of the gas system in Poland. The route is around 275 km in length, and it will cross both Polish and Danish sea territories and the Swedish economic zone (80 km). Entry and exist points for the pipeline in the Polish and Danish seaside have been identified. In the case of Poland, it will be Niechorze-Pogorzelica, in Denmark - Faxe South. Gaz-System has announced in the communique that the decision on pursing the selected scenario was not final. A binding choice will be made upon obtaining all the required decisions and permits in all the countries where the projects will be carried out.

The Baltic Pipe is a strategic infrastructure project involving the development of a new gas supply corridor for European countries. The project will facilitate transmission of gas directly from deposits in Norway to Denmark and Poland and customers in the neighbouring countries. Due to start in 2020, the project is expected to be completed in October 2022.