HPP Brezice construction starts

The construction of the HPP Brezice hydroelectric power plant officially started on 26 March 2014, Delo reported. Completion of the €291m investment is planned for end-2017. HPP Brezice is part of a larger project to construct a cascade of several HPPs on the Sava river.

The €291m will cover the construction part (€173m) and the purchasing of electric power equipment (€118m). The Slovenian government has obtained a loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) for 50% of the investment.

In addition to the construction of HPP Brezice, other infrastructure projects are planned at the site and its immediate surroundings. These include the construction of an accumulation reservoir, flood protection systems and roads. Even though EIB approved an additional loan of €75m for this purpose, there have been difficulty in finding funds for these projects.

HPP Mokrice is the next planned HPP for the lower course of the Sava river, but it is still in the preliminary phase.