Construction firm for Lot No. 2 of Timisoara-Lugoj motorway selected

In early December 2013 the National Company for Motorways and National Roads in Romania (CNADNR) signed a contract for the construction of part 2 of the Timisoara-Lugoj section of motorway with a consortium consisting of the Italian construction firms Tirrena Scavi and Societa Italiana per Condotte D’Acqua. The contract is worth RON 423.4m (€95m), and European funds are to account for 85% of this sum. The rest of the money is to come from the state budget.

The Timisoara-Lugoj motorway will be 25.6 km long, and Lot No. 2 will run for 16.1 km. So far, two public tenders for this motorway have been organised, one in 2011 and another last year, but the CNADNR did not select a winning party.