Bridge collapsed in Kurimany on D1 motorway

A steel frame of the bridge under construction in Kurimany, part of the stretch of the D1 motorway between the villages of Janovce and Jablonov, collapsed on 2 November 2012. Four people working on the construction project died as result of the accident, and another 15 were injured. The exact cause of the collapse is currently under investigation by two independent teams. As a result, the completion of the motorway section is likely to be delayed. Kooperative, the firm insuring the reviewed construction project estimated damages made by the accident at €2m, TASR news agency reported.

The 18.5 km Janovce-Jablonov motorway section, with 22 bridges planned for the project, is being built by a partnership of two construction firms, Slovak Vahostav SK and Czech Boegl a Krysl. The collapsed bridge was being constructed in cooperation with a sub-contractor, Slovak company Semos.

The construction work on the Janovce-Jablonov section was divided in two parts – work on the first one with length of 9 km (which included the bridge in Kurimany) started in 2011 and was expected to be completed in December 2013, whereas the other one is planned to be under construction from June 2012 till June 2015.

The collapse has since led to a wide discussion what effects very low procurement bids have on the quality of construction projects. As Central Europe Construction Review reported on a prior occasion, in the tender for the first 9 km section, the Vahostav and Boegl a Krysl consosrtium prevailed with a bid of €60m, which was less than the €95m estimated by the National Motorway Company (NDS), the authority initiating the work.