Contractor chosen for renovation of railway line to Szymany airport

The rail operator PKP Polish Railway Lines (PKP PLK) plans to renovate the Olsztyn-Szymany railway line. The task of carrying out the investment has been entrusted to the Italian company Salcef Costruzioni Edili e Ferroviare, which will design and modernise the line at a cost of more than PLN 115m (€28.5m).

Within the framework of the investment, PKP intends to upgrade track with a combined length of 55 km that connects the town of Olsztyn with the airport in Szymany. The task of the contractor will be to resurface the track along this section as well as resurface the road at 38 level crossings. In addition, 115 civil engineering structures will be renovated and seven existing platforms will be rebuilt. Thanks to the modernisation work, trains running along the line will be able to travel at speeds of up to 100 km/h. The current line was built in the 19th Century and has not been electrified. The European Union will cover 73% of the cost of the project and the construction work will take 20 months.

In the future it will also be necessary to build a short fragment of the railway line between Szymany and the planned airport terminal.