Three Sibcement plants produce 800,000 tonnes of cement in Q1

The production output of three Sibirsky Tsement (Sibcement) cement plants amounted to 796,890 tonnes in January-April 2011.

Specifically, one of the Russian cement holding's plants - Topkinsky Tsement (Kemerovo Province) - increased its output in the period in question by 42% year on year to 519,748 tonnes. The Krasnoyarsky Tsement plant (Krasnoyarsk) increased its production volumes in January-April to 211,304 tonnes of cement, up 16% in comparison with the corresponding period last year. In turn, the Timlyuysky Tsement plant (Republic of Buryatia) increased its production for the period in question by 15% year on year to 65,838 tonnes.

According to the company, its yearly joint cement production output is 6.7 million tonnes. Overall, Sibcement includes five cement producion plants, two manufactures of cement building materials and four service and operational subsidiaries.