Analyses of the construction market

  • Light at the end of tunnel for the Russian construction industry

    The construction industry in Russia has been hit hard by the global economic downturn. The slowdown on the domestic construction market began in 2008 and has intensified in 2009. The majority of construction projects have been suspended and virtually no new residential or… »

  • Road construction in Poland turning the corner

    The implementation of the road construction scheme in Poland is entering the final phase. The number of calls for tenders announced and those where winners have already been selected is growing; commencing from 2010, the length of road sections under construction will be… »

  • CEE construction goes green

    The global market for green building materials is expected to increase by 25% over the next five years, to almost $600bn. It is probable that, in a reaction to the global economic recession, construction companies, manufacturers and end users are now more focused on… »

  • Russian oil and gas investment during the economic downturn

    The global economic crisis and low oil price have caused many Russian energy firms to become substantially in debt and cash-strapped, but this is creating an opening for foreign firms. Russian companies, unwilling to make excessive cuts in their investment programmes, are… »

  • Changes in the Polish construction chemicals market

    After an average annual increase of 14% between 2004 and 2008, the construction chemicals market in Poland will shrink in the upcoming years due to lower economic growth, decline in the number of homes under construction and a weakening non-residential sector. The market will… »

  • Current status of Ukraine building materials market

    The Ukrainian economy is second only to Russia among the CIS countries in terms of size. After Ukraine left the Soviet Union in 1991, its economy recovered strongly in a very short period of time, with average annual GDP growth of almost 7% between 2000 and 2008. This clearly… »

  • 25% increase in construction output in Belarus

    Despite the ongoing global downturn which has severely reduced the construction activity in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and most other world markets, the construction industry in Belarus is still experiencing impressive growth. In the first five months of 2009, the value of… »

  • Despite the economic slowdown, Russia’s building materials industry offers some opportunites

    The Russian economy is the ninth largest in the world with an average GDP growth rate of 7% per annum - having effectively emerged from the depression of the late 1990s and the events following the fall of Soviet Union. However, the upswing in the Russian economy has been… »

  • Despite the downturn Polish construction companies expect accelerated increase in public investments

    Construction companies have not been more critical in their assessment of the construction market situation in the past five years or so. Faced with a reduced number of orders, builders announce that they will seek to win new contracts mainly by offering lower prices, which… »

  • A challenging year ahead for Romanian construction

    Construction was the most important factor of the strong economic growth of Romania over the past several years, which topped 7.1% in 2008. However, the problems on the international financial markets affected the construction industry, which was heavily dependent on banking… »