Analyses of the construction market

  • Recovery in the roofing materials market in Poland

    Due to the improving macroeconomic environment, signs of upturn in multi-dwelling construction and stabilisation in the non-residential construction sector, the outlook for Poland’s industry of roofing materials has considerably improved over the last months. Still, more… »

  • Polish construction output up by 10% in 2011

    The forthcoming year 2011 can be a breakthrough year for the construction industry in terms of construction output. Provided that the winter weather conditions are relatively favourable, the 2011 average annual growth rate can be up to 10%, driven by large civil engineering… »

  • Increase in the Polish construction industry economic climate

    Driven by a steadily rising number of investment projects underway and planned, construction companies express slightly more favourable assessments of the economic situation of the market when compared to the findings of a study conducted six months ago. Construction activity is… »

  • Russian construction industry recovers after the downturn

    For the first time this decade, in 2009 the construction industry in Russia, which was severely affected by the global economic downturn, shrank in comparison with the preceding year. In the current year, a recovery has begun, prompted by the numerous projects supported or… »

  • Central European road construction market will grow to over €15bn by 2013

    Capital expenditure on the road infrastructure is poised to considerably increase in Central Europe in the coming years. However, due to the magnitude of the planned projects, not all of the tasks expected to be financed from the EU budget for 2007-2013 will be executed. Thus,… »

  • Construction markets in CIS countries recovering after downturn

    The construction industries of the three largest former Soviet Union countries are still in the red but are showing some signs of recovery. Whereas Russia and Kazakhstan may even experience moderate growth this year, Ukraine will probably not follow in their footsteps until… »

  • Construction market climate in Poland

    In June 2010 the general market climate indicator for the construction industry increased relative to May by 0.6 points, to 2.0 points. It was higher relative to June 2009 (by 10 points) but lower relative to the analogous month of the previous three years. The assessments of… »

  • Investment in road construction in Central Europe to continue with help of EU funds and by means of PPP

    In comparison with the Western European countries, the quality of the road network in the Central European region is still poor and identified as a serious obstacle to the rapid economic development of the region. However, over the next few years many new motorway and expressway… »

  • Builders in Romania look forward to large EU-funded projects

    Romania’s construction industry was more severely affected than any other in Central Europe by the global downturn in 2009. Whereas in the first half of 2010 no improvement on the market is expected, builders hope that toward the end of the year several large projects will be… »

  • Construction industry in Bulgaria anticipates recovery

    2009 was one of the most difficult years for the construction industry in Bulgaria. The crisis had a very severe effect on both residential and non-residential construction. Engineering companies also have insufficient work and income. According to the Minister responsible for… »