Analyses of the construction market

  • Construction industry in Russia continues to grow

    In the second half of 2011, activity on the Russian construction market finally picked up, with civil engineering work and residential construction as the main two drivers of growth. Despite the unfavourable and challenging global economic sentiment, the industry is expected to… »

  • New trends on the HVAC market in Poland

    In the recent years, Poland has seen the dynamic growth of state-of-the-art heating systems, which start to play an increasingly important role. At the same time, despite the fact that market novelties attract significant attention, the existing heating systems (coal-based and… »

  • Polish construction market poised to grow 5% in 2012

    The Polish construction market will continue to show strong performance in 2012 in terms of the value of projects completed. However, the reduced number of road construction schemes will seriously impact the sector’s results in 2013-2014. In the long term, the power sector,… »

  • Roads to be a driving force of the Bulgarian construction market

    Access to EU funding and the investments in the energy sector are the predominant factors determining the development of the Bulgarian civil engineering construction sector in the next three years. It is expected that this segment will lead the development of the construction… »

  • The Developers Act: are property developers and banks destined to be at odds?

    A loophole in the Polish law, which existed for many years, concerning the sale of housing units under construction has been finally closed. Signed by the President of Poland at the end of 2011, the Act on the Protection of the Rights of Buyers of Housing Units or Single-Family… »

  • Civil engineering to be a driving force of the Romanian construction industry

    Romanian civil engineering construction has registered considerably better performance in 2011 compared to the residential and non-residential segments, which posted decreases. The reason behind this is increased capital expenditure on infrastructure projects, particularly road… »

  • A challenging 2012 for the Czech construction industry

    The revised Czech government strategy on transport infrastructure construction released in January 2012 indicates that the decline in civil engineering construction may continue in 2012 due to the postponing or freezing of major constructions in the road and rail sector. A… »

  • Buildings to be a driving force of the Slovak construction industry in 2012

    In the coming years residential and non-residential construction are expected to be the major drivers of the Slovak construction market. The engineering sector is likely to feel the consequences of the delays and the lack of proper preparation and planning for civil engineering… »

  • Substantial increase in demand for construction equipment in Russia

    Over the last decade, construction machinery stock owned by construction companies in Russia has been depleted by 40-60% on average, and the equipment still in use is largely dilapidated and obsolete. It is not suitable when modern road construction and maintenance techniques… »

  • More than $200bn to be invested in Russian power plants by 2020

    The Russian power sector is plagued by several problems, notably the high degree of deterioration of generating and distribution assets, and high transmission losses. Most of the power stations in Russia were built back in the 1960s and 1970s, and have a very low efficiency… »