The Polish railway construction market to hit €1.2bn in 2014

The Polish railway sector expects to see more than €10bn worth of funds in co-funding provided by the EU under the 2014-2020 EU budget. A large portion of this amount will be spent on minimally-invasive renewal projects, but the governmental list of investment projects also contains schemes involving the construction of new lines and connecting tracks, which are more complex as they require significant funds and time to implement.
Projects most likely to be implemented are those of the planned sections which are the shortest. Lodz expects to have an addition of nearly 6 km of underground railway tracks by 2020. The expansion is yet another component of the High-Speed Rail system, and it is also a vital part of the Lodz railway junction project. At the beginning of February 2014, Polish Railway Lines (PKP PLK) announced a tender to supplement the feasibility study, which also comprises the development of a functional and utility programme.

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