Ukrainian housing space to expand by 15% in 2013

Since the early 1990s, Ukraine’s housing stock has expanded by nearly 19%. Still, only seven of Ukraine’s 27 administrative regions have more than 25 m² of housing space per capita, with Kyiv Province, Vinnytsya Province and Cherkasy Province being the top three regions in this respect.
Of all Ukrainian administrative regions, only Kyiv Province has more than 30 m² of housing space per inhabitant. By the end of 2012, the indicator had reached 32.7 m² in Kyiv Province, expanding by 2.5 m² during 2009-2012, surpassing the second-best region (Vinnytsya Province) by almost 6 m². In order to reach at least the 30 m² of residential area per inhabitant, which is seen in many European countries, more than 250 million m² of housing will need to be built. This assumes that all current residential properties remains in use and that the population falls slightly.

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