Portland cement production in Kazakhstan has increased 63% over the past three years

The construction industry has been one of the key drivers of the Kazakh economy over the past decade. Impressive growth rates in construction have largely been achieved on the back of the residential construction sector, state-funded infrastructure development plans as well as on projects implemented within the State Programme for Accelerated Industrial and Innovative Development for 2010-2014. The latter programme envisages the implementation of 872 investment projects at a total cost of about $76bn.
According to preliminary data provided by Kazstat, there was an average of 19.7 m² of residential space per capita in Kazakhstan at the end of 2012, up on 2011’s figure of 18.7 m² and part of a 3.1 m² over ten years. In urban areas, the average per capita space was 22.2 m² against 16.9 m² in 2000 while in rural areas it climbed to 16.9 m², an increase of just under 2 m² since the early 2000s. Surging residential construction activity has boosted the production of all types of building materials. Particularly the production of Portland cement, which increased to a record 6.4m tonnes in 2012, up from 1.4m tonnes ten years ago. This year it is set to expand further, to 7m tonnes.

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