Falling prices of house painting services

Over the last seven years, the prices of interior and exterior wall finishing services have moved in line with changes in the construction industry. The largest increases in labour costs occurred when demand was at its peak, i.e. in 2007-2008. When the crisis rippled through the construction industry, the downward trend hit the prices of wall painting services and other wall finishing services. However, all in all, the prices of home painting, which is the most popular type of job, have risen around 14% since 2006.
The most rapid growth which was reported by plaster and cladding works can be attributed to the fact that these services are much more conditional on the volume of projects involving the construction of new buildings. Their share in renovation projects is significantly lower than, for example, painting where work of this type is performed in existing buildings on a regular basis and, besides, rooms are painted nearly each time buildings receive renovation.

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