Growth returns to cement markets in CIS countries

After a difficult 2009, when there was a reduction of more than 20% in the consumption of cement in the region, the cement markets in the countries of the former Soviet Union are expected to witness growth again. In the longer term, per capita cement consumption in the CIS countries – with their immense infrastructure development and housing needs – should increase steadily and match the levels observed in the more developed countries. With a view to increases in demand in the future, local producers are boosting their cement production capacities.
Given the similar rates of development in, and numerous links between, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Georgia and Armenia, these countries can be treated as a single cement market, with a total population of more than 260 million and a total area of 22 million square kilometres. In both 2006 and 2007, the annual increase in the monetary value of cement consumed in these countries was close to 80%, reflecting a steep rise in cement prices and an ongoing construction boom in these countries. In 2008, the increase in the combined value of the cement markets in the region slowed to 6%, and this was followed by a steep, almost 50%, contraction in the CIS cement market, a result of tumbling prices and falling demand.

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