€55bn on power projects in Poland until 2025

Investment projects planned by the major power enterprises in Poland provide for the development of units with a combined capacity of 30,000 MW. However, up to 50% of the projects stand a chance of being implemented. In terms of value, nuclear power units are at the helm, overtaking coal-fired units, which are losing popularity, and gas units that are rising to power. Within the renewable energy segment, biomass-fired units have gained popularity significantly, while prospects for the growth of wind farms have deteriorated.
As stated in our latest report entitled “Power sector construction in Poland 2011 – Development forecasts and planned investments”, investments in new power generating will deliver nearly 30,000 MW of capacity, while their value is estimated to be around PLN 220bn (€55bn) units until 2025. However, not all the planned projects will be implemented as it is a common practice for investors to make preparations for a larger number of projects and execute only those which are the most profitable under the given economic circumstances.

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