Public building sector in Poland worth €1.7bn

Driven by a significant support of the EU funds and the effect of the 2010 elections of local authorities, the sector of public buildings had a record high value of PLN 7.2bn (€1.7bn) in 2011. What’s more, the results for the first six months of 2012 fuel optimism for continued growth of the sector that is expected to surge to hit its all-time high again.
Counted as the value of construction and assembly output, the market of public buildings recorded a value of slightly more than PLN 7.2bn (€1.7bn) in 2011. The nominal value of the output was barely ahead of the 2010 level. However, it should be noted that the levelling-off reported in 2011 was preceded by three years of rapid growth during which the market doubled its value. Therefore, the poorer performance of 2011 should not be considered as proof of deterioration in the market situation but rather a sign of a market stabilisation at a high level.

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