Price stagnation grips HVAC market in Poland

Over the last seven years, the prices of building work involving the installation of HVAC systems have changed in line with the evolution of the construction industry. The largest increases in labour costs occurred when demand was at its peak, i.e. in 2007-2008. When the crisis set in, the downward trend hit labour prices in the HVAC industry, too. However, compared to the construction sector in general, labour prices in the HVAC segment did not look that bad.
After the gap between the prices for selected types of work in the HVAC industry and the prices of general construction services was substantially narrowed down in 2011 and at the beginning of 2012, the margin between the two categories widened markedly in the second half of 2012. While the prices of construction output recorded a 2% decline, the HVAC price growth continued to grow, albeit very slowly. Notwithstanding that, the trend may change in the forthcoming months.

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