Investments in renewable energy sources in Poland in anticipation of the new law

The key driver for the development of the new law on renewable energy resources is the intention to provide a boost to the RES construction market and, at the same time, a gradual phasing out of the state’s support to the market. These measures are expected to stimulate market innovation in the sector. In view of the proposed solutions, photovoltaic systems will benefit the most from the new law. On the other hand, biomass co-combustion plants stand to suffer the biggest impact after the adoption of the new act on renewable energy resources.
According to our latest report entitled “Renewable energy construction in Poland 2013 – Development forecasts and planned investments”, the currently drafted act on renewable energy resources will be the key factor in determining the shape of renewable energy resources market in Poland. Key objectives of the new law are as follows: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% compared with 1990 and to achieve a 20% gain in energy efficiency and a 20% share of renewable generation sources in total power consumption. In the long-term, the law will have a major effect on the condition of the Polish power system, nearly 90% of which is based on fossil fuel.

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