Construction sector in rural areas across Poland thrives on the back of renewable energy resources

Most renewable energy systems in operation in Poland are situated in rural areas as, depending on the specific type of system, these areas are capable of providing the required feedstock or the acreage of land necessary to construct the plants. One of the biggest advantages of renewable energy facilities is that they exert a positive effect on the development of rural areas. Biogas plants are the type of installations which may have the strongest effect on rural areas. As far as renewable energy resources are concerned, biogas systems are currently among the least frequently used investment areas.
There are just a little more than 30 biogas plants in operation in Poland at the moment. Their combined installed capacity is 35 MW. However, based on the available estimates, biogas plants stand to gain a wider footprint in the Polish market. As at the end of 2012, there were nearly 350 biogas projects at various stages of implementation across the country, nearly 10% of which were under construction. On-farm biogas plants take around 12 months to construct. We anticipate that both the number and installed capacity of biogas plants will double by the end of 2013.

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