Romanian wind power sector doubled installed capacity in 2012

During the last couple of years, Romania has been considered by many investors to be a genuine El Dorado in the wind energy field. The overall installed capacity in wind power facilities across the country expanded from 14.1 MW at the end of 2009 to 1,941 MW in 2012. These figures were confirmed by Ernst&Young in the latest edition of its Renewable Energy Country Indices report issued in November 2012, which considers Romania to be the 10th most promising country in the world for investment in wind power projects. Two years earlier it was ranked 24th, whereas in 2009 it was not even mentioned in the report.
This impressive upward trend in wind power projects has been mostly supported by generous incentive schemes developed by the government to boost investment in this segment. By April 2013 more than 300 wind projects had been announced, with a combined generating capacity of about 15,762 MW. Of this, only 2,100 MW have been put into operation, including eight projects with an installed capacity of 447 MW that are currently undergoing testing. Active wind power units account for 10.7% of the net combined capacity of all power generating facilities in the country.

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