40% of Russia’s federal roads meet regulatory compliance requirements

The Russian economy is losing about 3% of GDP annually because of its unsatisfactory road infrastructure, being unable to fully capitalise on its transit potential. Currently, Russia’s road infrastructure accounts for less than 1% of freight transport between Europe and Asia. According to APEC 2012 members, every 1 p.p. increase in transit volume would add about RUB 1,000bn ($33bn) to the Russian economy. According to Rosavtodor, nearly 40% of the country’s federal roads meet regulatory compliance requirements, whereas according to the Prosecutor General’s Office, only half of Russia’s road network complies.
Thanks to its geographic location and size, Russia is the most important link between Europe and Asia, being practically the only alternative to air and maritime transport links between the two continents. The current inadequate state of the country’s transport infrastructure hinders Russia from taking full advantage of its geographic location.

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