€4.8bn worth of Poland’s road projects planned for 2013

The contribution of road construction to total construction output has consistently grown since Poland joined the European Union, peaking at 28% in 2011. The growth decelerated in 2012 when the sector’s share fell to 22%. The coming two years are likely to be very challenging years for the sector, but the long-term growth potential remains robust, primarily driven by the significant deficiencies in the Polish road system, which is still far from complete.
After a decline recorded in 2012 when the road construction market’s output shrank by some 19%, 2013 is again expected to see a decrease and an output of around PLN 20bn (€4.8bn), according to our latest report entitled “Road construction sector in Poland 2013 – Development forecasts for 2013-2015”. The slowdown in road construction is accompanied by a significant deterioration in the financial standing of contractors due to a smaller number of tenders for new projects.

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