Inwestycje Polskie scheme to the rescue of road construction

A network consisting of 1,300 km of motorways and more than 1,000 km of expressways is not the only outcome of road building projects which are slowly nearing completion. Another effect is a wave of bankruptcies among companies which completed these projects and losses totalling hundreds of millions of zloty. In 2012, 218 companies whose core business involves the construction of building structures filed for bankruptcy. However, the government plans to counteract the slowdown through several large strategic construction projects carried out under the Inwestycje Polskie scheme, which is about to be developed.
One of the main causes of the recent developments was the failing road building sector which faced the accumulation of projects associated with Euro 2012. Benefitting from the EU co-funding allocated to the sector in 2007-2013, the road construction sector was offered an opportunity to use enormous funds, which it had never seen before. Robust tendering activity attracted to Poland numerous overseas companies, which would aim to win at least several contracts and in this way make up for smaller backlogs secured in their home markets.

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