Building materials in Belarus: cement production to drop over 5% in 2015

Government-targeted programmes aimed at expanding the country’s per capita housing and at modernising the country’s transport, energy, and social infrastructure have been the key drivers of the construction industry's evolution in recent years in Belarus. In addition, large projects implemented as part of the preparations for the 2014 Ice Hockey World Championship have provided an additional boost to the market.
Solid growth in the construction industry in Belarus as well as the government’s determination to boost exports have provided decisive support for the building materials market’s expansion over the 2000s. However, in the last few years, growth in the production of most basic building materials has slowed significantly, following the overall trend in the construction industry.
Foreseeing increasing demand for cement, Belarus launched a large investment programme to modernise and expand its cement production capacity. Since 2008, over $1.3bn has been invested in the modernisation and expansion of the country’s cement industry.

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