Analyses of the construction market

  • Roofing materials market in Poland to grow 10% annually

    The roofing materials market in Poland is past its worst and the forthcoming years will see growth up to 10% annually. In view of developers’ growing activity, both in the residential and commercial construction market, prospects for the segment of flats roofs are slightly… »

  • Increasingly more power projects get going in Poland

    The years 2011-2012 will see the award of a number of major tenders concerning the construction of new power generating units. Winners in these tenders will thus be able to improve profitability in the forthcoming years as margins on industrial construction projects are always… »

  • The changing structure of the thermal insulation material market in Russia

    Building insulation refers broadly to any object used in a building as an insulator for any purpose. Most insulation in buildings is for thermal purposes, but the term also applies to acoustic insulation, fire insulation, impact insulation (e.g. for vibrations caused by… »

  • Transport infrastructure construction boom imminent in Russia

    Russia’s 2010-2015 transport infrastructure development programme envisages a total investment of approximately $450bn over the next five years. The crisis has reduced the ability to raise such substantial sums. However, as a result of several measures undertaken by the… »

  • Russian banking in the context of the construction industry

    Debt financing is much more cost-effective than equity financing when implementing investment projects on the property market. It allows the company to maximise the total area of the project and to make it more attractive if any well-known partners take part in it. It is worthy… »

  • Growth returns to cement markets in CIS countries

    After a difficult 2009, when there was a reduction of more than 20% in the consumption of cement in the region, the cement markets in the countries of the former Soviet Union are expected to witness growth again. In the longer term, per capita cement consumption in the CIS… »

  • Recovery in the roofing materials market in Poland

    Due to the improving macroeconomic environment, signs of upturn in multi-dwelling construction and stabilisation in the non-residential construction sector, the outlook for Poland’s industry of roofing materials has considerably improved over the last months. Still, more… »

  • Polish construction output up by 10% in 2011

    The forthcoming year 2011 can be a breakthrough year for the construction industry in terms of construction output. Provided that the winter weather conditions are relatively favourable, the 2011 average annual growth rate can be up to 10%, driven by large civil engineering… »

  • Increase in the Polish construction industry economic climate

    Driven by a steadily rising number of investment projects underway and planned, construction companies express slightly more favourable assessments of the economic situation of the market when compared to the findings of a study conducted six months ago. Construction activity is… »

  • Russian construction industry recovers after the downturn

    For the first time this decade, in 2009 the construction industry in Russia, which was severely affected by the global economic downturn, shrank in comparison with the preceding year. In the current year, a recovery has begun, prompted by the numerous projects supported or… »