Analyses of the construction market

  • Construction industry in Romania expected to stabilise in 2011

    Prior to the start of the crisis, the Romanian construction industry was one of the most vibrant in the European Union, but this changed dramatically in 2009, when construction output fell by 15%, with a similar reduction following in 2010. The current year should finally lead… »

  • Polish road construction market to grow nearly 25% in 2011

    Activity in road construction will peak in 2011 and 2012. Driven by substantial capital expenditure by the Polish General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA), the value of roadwork will exceed PLN 30bn (€7.5bn) already in 2011. Delays in the implementation of… »

  • Construction in Hungary to speed up in 2012

    Despite a very weak 2010 and a poor start to 2011, the Hungarian construction market will begin its recovery from 2012 onwards. Public infrastructure projects will be the main driver of this growth. The first edition of the report “Construction sector in Hungary 2011 –… »

  • Russian construction industry recovery continues

    The Russian construction industry recovered some semblance of stability in 2010 and gradually began to pick up again after the downturn. This upturn in fortune was achieved despite the tight budgetary situation, which eventually resulted in certain cuts, e.g. in the area of… »

  • Construction in Poland to grow 11% in 2011

    On the back of an excellent start into 2011, the full year’s construction output will increase by around 11%, mostly driven by dynamic implementation of large civil engineering projects. However, the construction sector is likely to grow slower in the years 2012 and 2013.… »

  • Improvement in construction industry in Poland

    The largest Polish construction companies provide slightly better assessments of the market situation when compared with the results of the survey conducted six months ago, though admittedly the improvement was only slight. Builders’ operations are still impeded by numerous… »

  • €55bn on power projects in Poland until 2025

    Investment projects planned by the major power enterprises in Poland provide for the development of units with a combined capacity of 30,000 MW. However, up to 50% of the projects stand a chance of being implemented. In terms of value, nuclear power units are at the helm,… »

  • Construction in Slovakia set to resume growth

    Over the past two years, Slovak construction has been lacerated by the economic crisis. The reduction in purchasing power, the low level of business confidence, high unemployment and a scarcity of capital discouraged construction projects in the country in 2009 and 2010. With… »

  • Challenging year ahead for the Czech construction industry

    The Czech construction industry has been severely hit by the wider economic crisis experienced in 2009 and 2010. In 2009, gross domestic product contracted by more than 4%, and unemployment rose to more than 8% from 5.5% a year before. Fortunately, the economy began to recover… »

  • Construction chemicals market in Russia set to grow in 2011

    ‘Construction chemicals’ is a generic term used to denote building materials which are chemical compounds added to other building materials. They include admixtures, adhesives, flooring compounds, waterproofing materials and protective coatings and are widely used to improve… »